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The Alexander Technique is the ideal tool for helping riders to examine their seat and explore a closer contact with the horse. However, this holistic method also has much to offer those not connected with the equestrian lifestyle. Considering how much our physical and mental state affects how we master our daily lives, who wouldn't welcome better outer and inner balance! Sadly, the ways we conduct ourselves in ordinary activities, such as standing and walking, sitting for long periods in front of the computer screen or on long car journeys and even during leisure sports, so often reduces our ease of movement. How many of us have experienced a build-up of tension leading to backache or pain in muscles and joints? These aches and pains usually creep up on us through habitual patterns of use, without us even noticing it!

Alexander Technique Riding helps us to recognise our unhelpful habits, examine these patterns of use and then change them sustainably. As our bodies develop greater flexibility and poise, our movements become lighter and we feel more energised overall. The Alexander Technique is already gaining increased recognition in therapeutic circles, where it is applied to prevent the symptoms of stress and combat the causes of everyday complaints such as backache, hip and knee problems.