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Alexander Technique and Riding Workshop
24.10./25.10. Workshop-Weekend
21.11./22.11. Workshop-Weekend
12.12./13.12. Workshop-Weekend

Horse and Rider in Balance

We familiarise ourselves with the principles of the Alexander Technique. Based on this foundation, we begin to experience our own bodies in relation to the body of the horse. When we can sense how our own head joint releases and we learn how to engage our back muscles, we find it much easier to understand and locate the same in the horse. On the one hand, we sense how our own balance influences the posture and movement of the animal while, on the other hand, the close contact with the horse also gives us feedback, making it easier to feel our own bodies. Our awareness is finely tuned as we explore how to tap into the rhythm of the horse's movements. We examine the mutual relationship between tension and relaxation, gravity and lightness, learning how to release blockages and overcome fears, so that both the rider and horse experience higher levels of alertness and concentration.

Enjoy our delightful landscape and the intimate atmosphere as we practice how to treat ourselves and our animals well.

The course costs 220 Euros per person.
Saturday 10 -17.00, Sunday 10 ? 14.00
The course is limited to a maximum of six people.

Board and lodging for rider and mount is available for a share of the costs

Private lessons:
Alexander Technique (45 ? 60 minutes) 60 Euros
Alexander Technique and Riding (90 minutes) 90 Euros